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TIRI Offices

In 1970, TIRI-Trans Indies Realty & Investment Corp. was founded and consisted of just two people with the vision of creating a company that you could trust completely.

Today, TIRI has a network of nine offices and divisions including our Training Institute. With 150 sales associates, and sales exceeding $220,000,000 a year, we are the largest real estate company in the Caribbean. We are proud of the professionalism and dedication of the award winning TIRI Team that makes our company number one.

Offices: Bayamon | Caguas | Ponce | Carolina | Condado
Guaynabo (Main Office)

TIRI Training Institute
Phone: 787-753-2555
E-mail: training@tiri.com
Manager: Monyme Moreau

Relocation Division:
Phone: 787-789-0000 ext. 245
Fax: 787-370-3630
E-mail: relo@tiri.com
Director: Carmen L. Pérez

Commercial/Industrial Division:
Phone: 787-720-8301
Fax: 787-789-8000
E-mail: ComInd@tiri.com
Manager: Eva Gomez

New Projects Division:
Phone: 787-789-0000 ext. 244
Fax: 787-789-8000
E-mail: projects@tiri.com
Manager: Erlyn Ramirez

Property Management Division:
Phone: 787-789-0000 ext. 269
Fax: 787-789-8000
E-mail: pm@tiri.com
Manager: Hirsia Kaplan

Finance/Closing Division:
Phone: 787-789-0000 ext. 229
Fax: 787-720-6308
E-mail: finance@tiri.com
Manager: Betsy Rodriguez

Customer Service
Phone: 787-789-0000
Fax: 787-720-6308
E-mail: service@tiri.com
Manager: David Gaines

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